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agreed, I would need a 12 v power supply. I think I may have one in the garage somewhere. I am starting to feel silly for trying to frankenstein-ize this audio setup after dropping a grand on the projector. I am going to get a 5.1 receiver either way, maybe I should stop worrying for now and see how we feel about the total experience using just the headphone jack. If it sucks I will want to get some decent speakers.... decent sounding plan?
Thanks for clarifying. I will share any more tidbits I hear. I just learned a whole lot more after googling about the MCACC capabilities. Very interesting. Your comments about the sub make much more sense in that context... I have an old rockford fosgate punch series 12" sub in a box - it used to be part of a car stereo system. Is it feasible to try to re-purpose that instead of buying one a new one meant for home use? -Peter
Awesome sauce The 2.1 satellites do actually have raw speaker wire endings. Here is what the back of the sub looks like: I was really surprised to hear about the headphone not working bit. My colleague mentioned the same thing... he recently bought a 7.1 system and found out later that the headphone jack only worked for analog inputs, NOT for the HDMI inputs. In my opinion that is silly and useless. How can I check to make sure that the receiver can be used with...
you are awesome, sir. Thanks for everything there!!! And yes you were right that it's more meant for PC's :http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-ProMed.../dp/B000062VUO
8350 here I come! I am getting excited for some BF3 on this pj. Woo!
It's a bit complicated to explain, but the summary is that our sound system is a nice THX-cert Klipsch 2.1 that only connects with a headphone jack. The gaming PC down the hall and the cable box both have hdmi output. I would not strictly NEED a receiver but it would massively simplify the situation. I can always run a long ass audio cable down the hallway and then manually plug and unplug whichever audio source I want to use when I want to switch inputs. A...
I have been doing lots of research, but i find it hard to filter by the render delay - most models do not say it. The 8350 looks freaking perfect for what I want, but the lack of a headphone jack (audio out) means I will have to drop a few hundred dollars to get a HDMI receiver... Can anyone recommend a good 1080 gaming pj below 1500$ that has audio output jacks? Thanks!! -Peter
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