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I'm running 64 in my HTPC. I still have plenty of room.
You got it. I get wifi coverage in my sons room now. I also was able to use two LAN ports on the repeater(2wire) for my PS3 and HTPC. I have one little concern, and it really isnt a big deal but I can connect to either my 2wire or my Arris router on my network. Should it be like this or should I only be able to connect to one network? Im not sure I'm explaining it right, When I click on the signal meter on the task bar I have the option to connect to Home(Arris) or...
Wow I think It just worked. After I finished configuration I plugged the the first router into the second router(2wire) and after booting up the light that turns green when the wifi is on turned on. Now how can I test this is actually working? Can I plug a ethernet cable in one of the LAN on the 2wire and plug the other end into my laptop?
I got the go on a linksys from newegg for 50.00 that I'm going to jump on if I can't get the 2wire to work by tomorrow morning. I'm having trouble understanding the last part of your post. I need the second router to handle most of my wifi devices. Will this second router have most of my bandwidth?
I'm going to try this now. My only concern is I don't have a WAN port on this 2wire. Should I just use the first LAN port on the 2wire?
Great, I just looked on newegg and I have only found dd wrt on one router. Can you recommend a router thats cheaper in price but is also good?
Ok great. Once I have a router that can connect as a repeater router do I plug a ethernet cable from the TG862 to the Repeater router? I'm going to look on the WRt database to see if my 2 wire is capable of going into repeater mode, but of the top of your head do you know? TY very much.Adam
I have a advance tab. Its got port forwarding, port triggering, DMZ, Device discovery. Any of this help?
/Ok I found my default gateway. I actually new it, Just didn't no thats what it was called. Sorry. I don't believe I can disable DHCP in gateway. Is there another way to disable this?
HAHA, I had to look up what a ISP provider was. Sorry. Yes and Yes to your first answers. I can't seem to find where I would turn off DHCP. Actually it doesn't give that option. Under STATUS tab it show three networks. 1. Local IP network, 2. Wifi Network, and 3. xfinity network. The only one I can edit is the Local IP one. I can set DHCP beginning and ending address and also DHCP lease time. I cant picture what you want me to do with the ethernet cable. It sounds like you...
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