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It's in the fall I believe, I wanna say somewhere around Halloween.
Oh, so they go off your purchase price. Then I would be paying a lot since I purchased the d8000 for $1785.
If you go from a 55" D8000 to a 55" ES8000 do you have to pay a difference?
The H panels are for the 55" model. The 65" are the G panel.
You got shafted with a crappy panel. The H301 panel is the original and is the worst one. Tell them you want a swap out for a H303 panel or a refund.
There is a Sony one that is really nice. Has hdmi inputs and outputs. I have a Vizio vsb210ws, it is very good and it has a wireless subwoofer. It has optical and two RCA inputs, I would strongly recommend it.
I would go through Square Trade instead of Best Buy. Save some money.
Good luck jewdaddy, you definitely deserve a break.
You will end up paying about $500-600 more for the tv that way. If you value their return policy that much then that's the way to go. You will pay even more if you get their warranty. Go through someone like squaretrade if you want an extended warranty. Just as good coverage, half the price.
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