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Added new 2014 model into the mix. Enjoy.
I have nothing against against KURO, but I have to remind you that Pioneer doesn't sell any TVs anymore and used Kuros are hard to come by. While Panasonic TVs are still sold in stores. This review says that UK model ZT65 is better than Kuro and gives some numbers for comparison.
ZT60 is better than Kuro. While It has the same black levels as 9G Kuro, it has more rich colours and 3D support. I have heard that ZT60 soon will be bested by Panasonic's new hi-end LCD panel in picture quality area. http://www.trustedreviews.com/panasonic-studio-master-4k-lcd_TV_review
Plasma lives on through 2014, but no innovations means that it's over for us. No R&D means we can't get any improvements over 2013 panels.
I don't have actual specs of H7000 on hand but I have heard rumours that basically it's cheaper version of F8500 that will supposedly have plastic bezel and Smart TV downgraded.
They are low-end models compared to last year's F8500. They won't bring anything new to the table.
It's been almost one year this thread was started and it's pity we don't see new plasma TVs in 2014. RIP PDP.
Thanks for suggestion to visit BB, but I live in Europe and the stores here don't have cinema-like show room to demonstrate TVs in darkness. So the video demonstration from you would help me greatly to be sure that it doesn't show grey tints in darkness. I know that plasmas have better black levels, but plasmas have several issues too like more power consumption and burn-in, so I want to be safe.It seems that your set has dead pixels. I see several colored dots on your...
Anyone please post a video!
You have very interesting explanation. But I just concluded that somebody with such expensive TV might have expensive DSLR too. I was expecting something like this. I couldn't find any video of F8000 shot in dark room on Youtube.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvJ-VEueE8k
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