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Probably around $200.
All, We just moved and I'm not able to use my BS21s for my rear surround due to room configuration. I'm using two FS51s and a C21 Center. I'm going to have to buy some small satellite speakers to use for my rear surround since they will have to be mounted on the wall due to the room configuration. I'm looking for a recommendation as to what might match the timbre of these other Pio's that I already have. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Sorry This was supposed to go in the Pioneer Speaker thread. Please disregard...
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I apologize if this is the incorrect forum for this. I have a question about a new install. We are building a new home which will be ready in about 3 weeks. I will have a home office in the downstairs study. I had them wire the study closet with a coax (coming in from garage access point) and 3 CAT 5e cables terminated with RJ45. They were supposed to add a CAT 5e phone line with RJ10 to the closet but it seems they forgot. I wanted the study closet to be the network...
Hi All, I'm looking to build a network audio streaming solution and I'd like some advice. I've done some searching around this forum and haven't exactly found what I'm looking for. Here is the situation: I have a Pioneer 1021-k AVR connected with wired ethernet. I would like to rip all of my CD collection (quite large) to FLAC and store it on some kind of NAS or external drive. The AVR has DLNA support but I didn't know how well that would work with streaming audio and...
I noticed this as well. The top woofer is the only one I can hear give out a full sounds. The middle woofer can be heard but only faintly. I'm running the matching Pioneer SW-8 sub with x-over set to 80 Hz and Speakers set to small. Since the sub isn't the best (not that bad though) would I be better off setting the FS 51s to Large?
Have you tried plugging in the PS3 to another HDMI input on the AVR other than DVD? If another HDMI doesn't work I would go a step further and try to plug it into the component or AV input just as a test.
I know that there are quite a few variables to work with here but do most people have a different EQ saved for 2.1 music? I've been using the same saved MCACC EQ settings for movies and two channel music and I was wondering if I maybe am not getting the best sound for my music. I generally just leave it on Auto Surround and let the AVR pick. Is that the consensus on here or is there even a consensus? Just a quick side note: I picked up a pair of the Pioneer FS51...
I went in on the recent New Egg sale to grab some FS 51s. I had been using the BS 21 for my 3.1 system and when I hooked those babies up it blew me away how meaty they are. They sound fantastic.
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