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Excellent!! Thanks for the update on the price of the card. I guess it's supply and demand;)
You're very welcome. Glad it worked out for you and hope the fix lasts!
Actually there are a number of distributors of this part. Just Google EBR65859702 and pick one.
Hi, Check posts 60 and 63 to see if they will help you. If they don't, then it could be a bad card. Does the problem follow the card? E.g., if you swap the new card you put in the sub (you didn't indicate where you put it) with the rear receiver or vice versa, does the same problem follow the new card (no sound from the device it is plugged into)? If it does, it's the card. If it doesn't, the problem lies elsewhere. Let us know.
You're quite welcome. Glad we were able to help.
Mine are working fine (knock wood). I don't know what their warranty is on electronic parts, but please share your experience with Sears.
Thank you for the most detailed fix procedure to date! I am sure this will help many others save $$$ and avoid the LG scam. LG should be covering this known defect free of charge even after the warranty is up. Makes for good customer relations. I know I will not purchase another LG produce as a result of this experience. Thanks again.
Matt, Thanks for pulling the loose ends together. I sure hope this works for everyone and we see many more successful posts!
Thank you for your input. Glad to see you have an answer to the firmware version issue. Let us know if you continue to operate trouble free in a month or so.
If only the center speaker works, your problem is beyond the wireless cards. Also, are you still getting a red light on both your wireless speakers or just no sound?
New Posts  All Forums: