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link...http://www.frys.com/ads/page23#AdNavi It took me a while to find the specific page so I thought I would help yall out.
Where did you see it to add to your cart? The PB isnt showing up anywhere on the site for me...
Looks like they have sold out of the PB-12 NSD... I was logging on to order one
REW results, I am VERY new to REW, I did not actually calibrate with an SPL meter, I just calibrated the sound card. I used a focusrite safire and behringer (sp?) that a co worker let me borrow. I know that by not calibrating with an SPL meter the readings are not as accurate as they could be, I was primarily looking for A VS B changes for sub placement. ^This was the first run full range measurement ^This the low end measurement with one sub ^This is the low end...
in addition to that, make sure your lights are dimmable!
I recently installed leds in the ceiling and you need to make sure to use the lutron maestro CL dimmer, not the standard maestro dimmer, see link below.http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Products/Pages/StandAloneControls/C.Ldimmers/Overview.aspx
I would like to share my room, but I don't really have any pictures of the "build" because frankly, it wasn't that complicated. Its just a converted bedroom, all I did was remove the ceiling fan, paint the walls/ceiling, and install the PJ/Screen/Speakers. Right now there is a love seat as well as a chair and a half in there, but its usually just the chair and a half unless we have friends over to watch a movie or football. Its a small room, but its what I had to work...
I havent heard anything from him either...
SSRDDH = Sublimely Self Righteous Double Dry Hopped, AKA Delicious!I'd like to get my hands on the EX, but I do have concerns about the sound quality/clarity for music. Recently I've had my eye on the SVS-PB2000, just waiting until I can snag one or the other on a deal!
Hopefully you arent excited about the 12 12 12 or 11 11 11, both of them were horrible which is annoying because I am a huge fan of all (most) things stone! SSRDDH is amazing!However....Such disappoint. Many sad. Wow.
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