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I have theses and they are brilliant. Check out this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1407690 Thanks for posting that review, nice to see some actual measurements, I'd say it's right on the money, I don't notice the upper bass emphasis he's talking about but then I stuffed the ports with socks
The one on the left is a HTPC, the nmedia 6000S, which is not bad, a couple of flaws that bugged me during the build, namely tear off PC slot covers and one of the fan holders has half its vents covered. Does look nice though, a no brainer if you want to match HK equipment with an HTPC. The one on the right is my main rig in an antec 900
I see a bar area but no Kegerator?
^ I have the paid version of mediamonkey, which I bought for precisely that reason, I think it's $20, it does a good job, you plug in your ipod, select convert to mp3 on the fly and that is it, no messing about really. The good thing about this one is that your files remain flac and there are no duplicate mp3 files, I don't know how well other programs handle this.
It was a 22" screen now it's a 27" so yeah pixel density is better on the new screen. The displays I have are apple and so are IPS and they look better than my VGA panel at home (also 22" 1680x1050)... That to me is a big difference ips vs vga, really the colors are better along with black levels... increased resolution at this size, not so much. My phone is amoled and the colors on that are really nice, personally I'd be more inclined to get an oled TV over a 4k one, I'm...
Agree, I just got updated with a 2560x1440 screen at work, the size is nice but I have it next to my old monitor which is 1680x1050, the only discernable difference even up close is that text and icons are smaller because apple won't let you adjust the size of them... Image quality? video quality? no difference. For a TV where you are sitting at least 6 feet back I think 4k is likely a waste of time, still it will drive down the price of existing sets
Nice, that must sound amazing. I am in the market for a new amp, but I have my mind set on this one Harman Kardon 3480, does 150 Watts at 4 ohms x 2. mainly as it will match what I just put together last night (HTPC)
You're using that proficient M 80 as a pre-amp only or you have it bridged with those two power amps? That's some serious power! Looks good, wish my wife would let me get a larger TV... 32" was a decent size when I bought it. In the middle of building an HTPC at the moment, mainly for music though.
Do they have to be bookshelfs? If not I'd recommend some Fluance towers http://www.fluance.com/allproducts.html I've got the XL7F and they are amazing, got them on offer for $300, the other good ones are the ES-1's and SV10's (based on what other have said, I've not heard either). Fluance is king of budget IMO http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1407690
Glad you're liking the new Paradigms, I was cranking my speakers last night, they really are amazing, I'd put these speakers up against anything, with some critical listening I really can't find any flaws in them.... When I watch TV with the crappy TV speakers I realise there are absolutely no highs or lows on the TV speakers, my wife listens to music in the next room on laptop speakers all the time, hearing them now I realise half of music is just not represented... It's...
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