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Which ones do you have? I found there was a substantial difference between the AVHTB and the XL7F. I liked the AVHTB but they don't come close to the XL series. I definitely hear the music from the XL7F'sAnd so can my neighbours, those things go loud as hell.
most stylus (if not all) have diamond tips.. Two kinds of stylus, conical and eliptical, both have advantages and disadvantages, I wouldn't base anything on what this guys says ask him the brand and do the research. Two kinds of cartridge, moving magnetic vs moving coil (much more expensive). I'm a bit of a noob with vinyl, only got into it about 6 months ago. The dual 1218 is older, it's pretty nice looking, I've never heard it it may miss some of the features of later...
Wow, I played this game for free at the weekend through steam... The graphics are horrible, they haven't updated them since the first MW.
Oh, I would also stick with one of the TT you already have and put the money towards a great cartridge rather than buy a new turntable. I don't know which is better out of the dual or yamaha, probably pretty equal, depends on condition. You may want to use the yamaha then you won't have to buy the adaptor for the dual.
You are in luck if you want to buy the part, there's one on ebay for $25 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-Turntable-Cartridge-Adapter-Dual-Part-262-186-/290771137494?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item43b34f73d6 But you need this if you wish to add different carts. PM me if you need to know how to sort out a counterweight for the added weight, I used basically a PC thumbscrew and a large washer from home depot. the thread is perfect for the PC thumbscrew.
The Dual 506 is an awesome turntable, I have the Dual CS 606. One caveat and it is extremely important. It comes with an ULM arm... Your choice of cartridge is limited basically to stock. If you want to add a different cartridge you need to find the adaptor part that shipped with it originally.. These are UNOBTAINABLE. I have one, but I got very lucky. If you do manage to find one I can show you how to mod a counterweight for the end. I've got my TT hooked with an AT95e,...
Yeah, silk domes are the only tweeters I can listen to for an extended period of time... Except I've never heard the ring radiator tweeters longer than a couple of songs... I think they might not be so fatiguing. Metal domes, I hate more and more, even expensive ones, almost as bad as horns.
WDTV Live claims to do all that but in reality I found it would not play FLAC files from my PC. HTPC all the way now...
Glad it worked out for you! You'll be rocking even more when you add the sub!
Both nice subs although I like the Dayton 1200 more...But if you're pairing a sub with a 10 or 12" driver to a bookshelf with a 4" driver, you may be missing out on some of the mid bass frequencies...The Klipsch have a larger driver, but I hate their horn tweeters, maybe you like them I don't know, they sound harsh to me.You could take a look at the POlk Monitors too, they sell them in Best Buy.I had a listen to the Pioneers in Best Buy a couple of weeks ago and I liked...
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