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I hope that many of the ipad capabilities make it into the next android release...... It kind of sucks that we have to always be last to get the cool stuff
Not quite sure I follow you..... You want to close the program that controls the computer.......MCE Controller? I know that Alt/Tab can sometimes be daunting to those wives we all love, but it is something that will ensure you aren't arbitrarily shutting down the computer. I took a look at the MCEcontrol.commands file and didn't see anything other than "close" which sends the Alt/F4 command. I believe I told you how to create the same command in a previous post, sorry...
I suggest that you import some of the existing panels from the iRulebuilder web design tool and look at the size of those panels. I use a Xoom tablet and a Droid X phone, so my Panels are a different size altogether from that of an iPad or iPod phone..... To answer your question, I use the same size panel for each of my different pages
Manually change the placement of the buttons with the row and column values as you did with the button width and height. That's the only way to move buttons when in very close proximity.
I have an LC60LE810UN with no indication in the setup as to what port I need to use. I am using an E3000 router. My ip for the TV is of the 192.168.1.xxx fashion.The more research I do tends to make me think that ip commands will not work with my TV
Thanks for the tip Steve, much appreciated.
I'm trying to create the Network Gateway for my television, but I'm not sure what port to use. I browsed the forum and found where someone had used 10002, but it will not work for me..... I've gone into my router and port forwarded port 10002 to my TV's ip address to no avail. If anyone has had success controlling their Sharp TV, please help me out, Thanks
I use Alt/F4 command to close the programs that I'm running. First, you have to open the Kindel folder and browse to the MCEControl.commands file and change the extension to .txt so you can modify the file. C:\\program files (x86)\\kindel systems\\mce controller\\mcecontrol.commands Once you have changed the extension to .txt, open the text file and add this line within the text Just so you understand what that does...... vk stands for Virtual Key..... if you look, you...
You have to use the Action Drop down menu and select browse libraries. Once you find one you like, simply import it.
It depends on your equipment.... For instance, I have a Denon AVR 1912 and it will only allow one network device to control it at a time. If you are using IR to control your equipment, then it would depend upon whether your IR emitting equipment will allow more than one device to have connection to it or not. I hope that makes sense.
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