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Yes correct, but for me their pricing is expensive... maybe because i am in europe, that their prices are higher,.. Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk 4
thanks for your reply, i am in love with sonos, but because i am a budget guy, unfortunately i dont think i will ever own one - although as already said, it is my dream system...
Hello, Due to the design of our living room, we need just front speakers and a wireless woofer. However other than soundbars i didnt find any systems with wireless woofer? Are there any out there? Is it because of cost they keep it wired? Thanks
The 770 looks much nicer and more minimal than the 660... Although 660 is quite of a unique design
I am thinking for the soundbar Sony Ct660 which has also a sub and just get a sonos connect. It gives also more options for input connections and would cost less. But i never heard the Sonos soundbar to compare the sound...
So it might be better to buy two Play 1 and make them play stereo, instead of just one Play 3 or 5?
was i asking silly questions above? that is why i am not getting so much help?
They are quite cheap impedance-matching equipment! And very convenient.. Sent from my XT910 using Tapatalk 2
i'll tell the electrician to have a large conduit from dining to kitchen in order to be able to connect the tv to a possible receiver. any other better ideas?
The speaker Selector Impedance Matching is a very nice and handy option! Thanks for pointing it out... Sent from my XT910 using Tapatalk 2
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