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Nicely done!
Good episode, we thought. The PS4/XBox discussion at dinner was hilarious. And the HDDVD comment . . .
Theoretically, if Redbox had enough customers complaining/stop renting from them, they could go to Lionsgate and say, "WTF, add lossless or we walk." Lionsgate might not want to lose one of their top customers.Maybe? Theoretically?
Pun intended?!?
Interesting. I just read up on it a bit. After reading some descriptions, I could get the impression that it isn't cheap!
I got the impression his boss wasn't keen on him staying there. And this will likely present a problem in coming episodes.
Cool. That's what we'd call "forms" in the US. What are they made of? They almost look like sheet metal.
So I'm almost caught up on this show now. Still have the newest one to go. I find it an interesting concept. Maybe it was addressed in the episode I haven't seen, but we are to assume that the Doctor's mother is back too? The bald man was talking to somebody that they never showed. Or is that who was in the Church. The last episode we watched was the one the ended with her. We're in now. It's been added to our DVR schedule.
Saw this the other day. We're glad, as we kinda thought it was done.
If your cat is anything like ours, she'll try to help you weld
New Posts  All Forums: