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old info now I don't know how to delete this old post sorry,
It is in the target ad this week for 39.99. For any gamers waiting for it to go down in price now is your chance to get it.
okay I will try not to post so much. sorry about that.
do you need to buy the nfc characters to play it? what are your impressions of it?
I only see a mention for 3ds on amazon.
500 bucks is a lot to lose
https://www.yahoo.com/tech/man-rushes-back-into-burning-home-in-heroic-attempt-to-74842101576.html a video link is provided in the news story scroll down.
oh okay well that is good. I will be happy when those games come out so I can buy them
I thought I saw on amazon that a lot of these games won't be out till december Mario Kart 8 - Nintendo Wii U by Nintendo (Dec 31, 2014) Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo Wii U by Nintendo (Dec 31, 2014)
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