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A bit. Will it work when watching a HD show off the dish or cable? Sam
What's it do and when does it come on. I noticed in my menu that it is greyed out in all picture modes. Thanks. Sam
I have the exact set with a November 2011 build date. I was able to successfully do it over the net as per Zoyd and Larry's intructions. Sam
I live om Ontario too. Bought my 6500 from the US. Just watch out for the brightness pops. Thankfully, Zyod has posted a thread on how to fix the SW yourself. From what I've heard, the custormer service reps from Samsung Canada have never heard about the pop issue so they aren't much help. Sam
I have a PN51D6500 as well. Seems like we're in the minority as I haven't read anything about other owners getting the USB's. Once I found out about Zoyd's fix for the D7000 model, I tried it and it updated. I'm not a techno guy by any stretch of the imagination and it was easy to do - even though I don't know how to speak German. Sam
Thanks to Larry and Zoyd for the instructions. Although I don't speak German, I managed to select the correct choices and activated the emulator. I have a PN51D6500 and successfully upgraded (I hope). SW version before: 11-02-21 Logic SW CheckSum: ?? sorry I didn't note it SW version after: 11-10-31 Logic SW CheckSum after: oxB402 tv software version: 1015 (before and after)
Just joined the forum, so this info is a bit stale. Bought mine on Jan 4th. The order was fullfilled by Vann's in Montana. I live in Canada and they shipped it free to the border in Minnesota. No state taxes. Just had to pay the HST at the Canadian border and about $10 in gas to pick it up. Sweet.
Thanks, i"ll check it out.... November 2011! Sam
Anyone know how to determine the build date of their set? Thanks. Sam
I think I have 1015, so I will need 2 sticks right? Sam
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