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Why do you care about someone who cares about what someone else is buying Just kiddin! But seriously , people just like to share their opinions. You can not start a thread and think that everyone that post in that thread will share the exact same opinion.
Just ride with me one morning from home to work and you shall have an example of DRIVE ANGRY
My wife loves God Of War and Uncharted series, mainly cause of the puzzle solving , action and storyline
Thanks kindly for your response. How do you manually set the screen size.
Quesion : How do you set your PS3 screen size to X" ? And doesnt it look too small and weird to look at a screen size of 10" on a 50" tv ?
Hi all ! Great thread ! Im a 3D noob here, waiting for my LG 47LW6500 to arrive this week. So far Ive only ordered Unde The Sea. But also lookin into gettin Avatar . Some of you here suggested Sammys Adventures, which I saw you can now get on Vudu for $21.99 . Plus if you register an account with them you get a $5.99 credit . Not bad at all . Any and all recommendations for great 3d with POPOUT is highly appreciated in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: