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edit: nvm fixed. please delete thread
this seems like a dumb question and probably has an obvious answer... but say you have 3 components all -3 dB at 4 hz. Why can't you just apply 9 dB of EQ at 4 hz to completely negate it? Or if the subs are capable, say you have one hundred 18" subs, and apply say 40 dB of EQ at something like 1 hz, would that not make you flat to 1 hz? edit: I'm guessing it's because of the voltage limit at the low frequencies of the components. But couldn't more voltage...
Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. I guess what would be best when actually EQ'ing a sub would be to measure and then make sure the EQ curve that REW sets will not put it over power or excursion. Then I could implement an L/T until it hits max excursion if it already isn't in the lower freqs.
I'm not worried about thermal limits. I'm just trying to figure out how much of a L/T I can put on the 20 hz and below of a sealed subwoofer without bottoming it out.
What about for excursion limits?
When designing though, do you look at the apparent power or the input signal power? My signal input could be 600 watts but after doing a L/T everything below 20 hz is 1200 watts.
LTD what do you mean by that, RMS I take? Not sure what you mean on your 2nd answer Bill, the extra power would be applied with a linkwitz transform so it would only give more power to the low frequencies, so I wouldn't get more output in higher frequencies. Is there an advanced tutorial for setting up a linkwitz transform to make it perfect for the driver excursion, box size and amplifier power? What I've been doing is setting a transform to basically put the driver...
when modeling drivers in winISD, and setting up xmax, eq and cone excursion, should I be making it so that PEAK power is hitting xmax, or RMS power is hitting xmax? For example if a driver is hitting xmax at 900 W according to winISD, is that 900W rms or 900W peak? Should I be looking at apparent power, again is that peak or RMS? How exactly do I balance it properly, is there a specific strategy for setting up linkwitz transforms? What exactly happens if a driver goes...
I use hdmi out, and where is the playback volume level in REW located? Do you mean the -99 dB FS to 0 dB FS meter? I'm asking at 0 dB set on REW and on the calibrated AVR.
no, because audyssey calibrates the channel levels based on how loud it is at LP, so if your speakers are efficient or ineffecient they will be the exact same volume on an avr that is calibrated.
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