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Roger, I too thought I should receive "ground" noise from the RCA's but didn't. I do this test often with my guitar . I was plugged into the low-level in when i did not hear any noise. That's what lead me to believe maybe those inputs are not the correct ones. If I run speaker wire into the speaker clips and try this test I should receive ground hum correct? I told the client that I believe what I set up was correct (except or the FL and FR being plugged into the RL RR...
I have already tried that method dknightd with little success. Any other solutions out there besides replacing the part?
Hello all, I have a client I do computer work for an occasionally they ask for me to assist in their audio/video installations. The client pulled out of his basement an Acoustic Research S108PS sub woofer. The current configuration includes a set of interconnects running from the Denon receiver to the back of the S108PS where it says "Low Level In". When viewing Satellite/Blu-ray the left/right speakers work correctly (although I admittedly plugged them incorrect after...
I purchased a Marantz 4220 "Stereophonic" when I was in Goodwill last year for $13.00. Does anyone have any experience in listening to these? I have found that I can only get one input to work but it is super clear once the configuration gets worked out.
I forgot to mention... The hiss/pop/static doesn't occur after I get the volume to where I want it. Only when the lever/slider is moving.
I am running a late 80's model Studio-Standard CA-77. When I move the level to turn up the volume I get a hiss/static/pop. Sometimes its loud other times is soft. If I turn it up slowly it does not occur. Also it appears that the right channel seems to be more active than my left. Does this indicate a certain problem to the veterans out here? Thanks
My setup consist of a Studio-Standard CA-77 by Fisher and two Kenwood KVS-300. I would post pics but I am not allowed yet.
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