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That helped enormously, even without tuning with an SPL meter. The midrange is clean and clear again. I lowered the LP on the sub to 80hz. Sounds great. Plus now it has the advantage of still sounding right when the sub is off. With the old setup the HP filter was always in effect, even with the sub off. Thanks!
Nothing on the series vs parallel issue?
Thanks for the great suggestions and also for the manual link. The front pages of the manual say the crossover is 12dB/octave, but the back page says 6dB/octave. WTF.This seems like the way to go as soon as I have a few bucks to spare.But in the meantime I think another wiring setup might be worth a try. The sub, on the back panel has speaker level ins and outs. When you use those, it runs the speaker signal through both a highpass (for the signal returning to the...
And not in the bass range where a poorly tuned sub could make a big bass hump. It was the vocals. They sort of faded into the background. Without the sub, I hear Christina singing, with the sub, I hear a speaker that's playing Christina. Could it be a bad crossover in the sub? Speakers: Polk RT25i Sub: Velodyne VA1215X II Receiver: Onkyo TX-8511 (100w x 2) The Receiver doesn't have any pre-amp outs so I'm running speaker level to the sub and then running from the sub to...
Video: http://www.howtorepairtv.com/index.p...N_A_SAMSUNG_TV
I have tried email. I got the call from the service center. I keep asking for the chip, but they refuse to give it to me. I'm going to call Samsung again and try to get them to cover the service charge. The service center wants $135 to replace the chip, but since they're not going to do the arctic silver fix, I'm going to have to pull it out and redo the job anyway. Argh! Seems to ridiculous to pay for labor when I only want the part.
I just spoke with Samsung today regarding white dots on my HLT5075S. I was a little surprised as the representative said they will cover ONLY the cost of the part and WILL NOT PAY LABOR OR VISIT charges. Also, I've searched through a bunch of places and can't seem to locate a service manual for the HLTxx75S series. Is this TV sufficiently similar to another line that I might be able to use their manual? EDIT: Has anyone succeeded in getting Samsung to send the chip?...
Buzzam - How did the service from Samsung go? Did they tell you that you will have to pay for labor?
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