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I'm potentially interested in four, probably 60/40 or so right now. I'll take a few days to watch this thread and mull it over.
So for your surrounds you're doing SEOS12/360/TD15? Any reason not to do SEOS15 for minimal extra cost since your baffles have to be that wide anyway?
Do you have the high pass filters on the amp set to off? What's your source receiver and what's the sub trim and crossover settings on it?
From the research I did there is no factory intended "bridged" on this amp. If you notice there are no dip switches for stereo/parallel/bridged or similar. The 1ch numbers are just showing the slight extra you can get with 1 channel loaded vs 2. Supposedly on some of the IPR lines you could wire the two outputs in such a way to bridge the amp, but specs for that don't seem to be anywhere. One thread, can't find it easily now, mentioned some kind of mod or adjustment that...
My pair was less sensitive than I thought they would be too filtor, around 5dB or so less sensitive than the Tempests, IIRC, and about 5dB less sensitive than a Big Malcolm center. I believe one of the other guys (Mike maybe?) said the same thing. It confused me too, but the two of them measured identically and they sound fantastic, so after hearing that from whoever else I did I decided to stop thinking about it for the time being.
Our absurd listening was at the END of the day, after all standard auditions, and on the JTR speakers only. Further, almost everyone had already gone home, there were only 7-10 of us at that point. The rest of the listening was at a much more reasonable (I know this term is relative) listening volume.
I'd definitely echo a lot of what carp had to say. David, you once again set the gold standard for GTG hosting. Big thanks to you and your family for the hospitality. Thanks to desertdome for running the playback all day (except the very end of the day when I worried stitch and Archaea might have to physically remove him). Huge thanks to Phil Bamberrg, Mark Seaton, and Jeff Permanian for attending. These guys have some great equipment to be sure but more impressive to me...
Same. Awesome to see this coming together!
Erich, I got my package yesterday. Outstanding packing and service as always, I actually was equally excited for what was IN the box as I was to see the packing you employed since I had a random assortment of stuff. Once again you didn't disappoint! I owe you some bucks for shipping, can you PM me the amount? Also, you went above and beyond on the baffles. Unexpected but highly appreciated.
Did you end up with a 2x4 miniDSP?
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