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One week over the maximum time on the website??? Dude, have you not read any of this thread? Nine weeks. Nine weeks. Dude... I'm sorry. I understand your frustration. It sucks, but.... NINE WEEKS. The only variable is how many times James will feed you a line of bull, and that number is calculated as follows: Number of times you call minus one.
^^^^ Sounds good. Hey, AVS, from now on before you post a link to an article, please contact King and Blake to find out what their opinion is on the topic. Then make sure to preface your posting with with either an admonishment or support accordingly. Please-and-thank-you.
WOOT!That looks much better than the leaked version.Thanks for posting!
Yup. I assumed it was an HDCP handshake issue, as I encountered it upon switching AV inputs.
Gotcha. Go with God, my brother. Go with God.
Er... Yeah... I'm paying for those outdated legacy connections. If you have a TV from 1995 and you need a receiver from 1995, there are no shortage of receivers from 1995 still out there.I can pay for your legacy connections or you can buy a TV manufactured in the last 11 years.Sorry. Not to be a total jerk, but, c'mon. Those legacy connections aren't free. Assimilate to the HDMI Borg. Resistance is futile.
Hey, Sorry. Don't mean to derail a good flamewar, but is anybody else having issues with Trigger Talk TV? I only have one single episode available (Kimber 1911) and one single menu category (Classic). Not a peep about this on the interwebs, so I think maybe it's just my issue?
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