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Have you looked at the buy/sell forum here?
I'm not exactly sure about soundbars that support AirPlay. But one option could be to buy an apple tv for $99 and connect to the system. This way he can not only stream audio but mirror his display on the tv from an iPad or iPhone.
Yes, iPads have the same problem and my biggest barrier for going all iPad or iPhone for my remote control. Say you just want to quickly mute the tv because a phone call comes in (hopefully not on the same iPhone you use for remote control): wake it up, swipe, enter pass code, fine the app (unless you dock it), touch and wait for it to open, hit mute.On a harmony one, to do the same thing you just pick up the remote and hit the mute button. Go through the same steps just...
Mine does, the Yamaha YHT-S401. It's a 3.1 system with a dedicated center channel. It also has connections to add rear speakers for a true 5.1 system with a soundbar. I hooked my rears up with a Rocketfish wireless kit so the surround speakers are wireless. And the Yamaha has 3 hdmi inputs and decodes DTS HD and Dolby True HD. Not sure about your question on the remotes. I use a Harmony One to control everything.
Remote is fine. But I use a Harmony One so it's not important to me anyway. Netflix on the 580 is good and even comes through in 5.1 Surround for HD streams.
While I think total touch screen is nice, there are many disadvantages for me: -don't want to share my iPhone and all of its data with guests who come over and may want to watch tv while either I'm there, or off in another room. All of my texts, email, Facebook account, financial data, etc, is there and don't want curious eyes to see it or perhaps see an incoming text for example. I also passcode lock which leads me to the next issue. -to just change the volume, fast...
I went with a Sony 580 and so far couldn't be happier. Couple of other issues with the Panny 210 in addition to front display not working: -Wouldn't send DTS HD stream to my Yamaha S401 soundbar. Bitstream was on and the soundbar was setup to recieve the HD Master track. But only got DTS. This was from a blu ray episode of Band of Brothers. Same setup with the Sony and the DTS HD is coming through and showing up on the Yamaha's display. -Something odd that only...
If you saw my other thread, I just "downgraded" from a 5.1 home theater system because I wanted to get rid of the clutter. All the speakers and wires taking up space. I got the 401 and am very happy. I'm using it with rear speakers connected wirelessly with a Rocketfish wireless kit. So I still get the 5.1 sound but I have a much cleaner look now. Volume is never a problem.
It's already on bright. Still nothing displayed on the front panel.
Ended up getting a Panasonic 210 but it's going back. It works, but the front display doesn't light up at all. When you power it on, nothing. When playing a disc, still no display. Now to take a chance on another one or go with a Sony 480
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