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That option isn't available, probably because a 2nd display first must be detected. Apparently, Windows 7 is not detecting the AVR even as an unknown device. Edit: got it working, and I enjoy the TV view a lot. The solution somehow involves two different graphics cards switching between each other, and the AVR is detected even in Standby.
Yup, I already knew about that, but it doesn't work within the same set of inputs (AV1 HDMI vs. AV1 RCA). (I have the CD player and TV sharing, so that I can listen to the former while watching the other.) Anyway, onto something much more complex: HDMI from a PC. I want to play YouTube videos on TV, but my Nvidia card doesn't recognize that the PC is connected to the AVR (even when it's on and set to the right input). Software and firmware are up-to-date. I see there are...
Thank you both. (I had noticed the Load option, but didn't see the menu within it.) This also will help with the annoying volume differential between devices.
I just saw the post. It makes sense, but where the heck is the "Detail" page?
I tried doing it via a scene earlier, without success. You seem to be contradicting yourself (in the second sentence). Could you please be more precise?
That's my impression from feedback given on the (not 2) 3-channel set-up I use, but I could test it myself later with a regular RCA cable.
With the 1010, is there a way to program a button to change the speaker configuration?
Does the 7-channel stereo setting override programming that was made for Dolby Digital 5.1?
Well, yeah, physically connect it to two different sources of amplification at the same time. Because I want to be able to switch between listening to true .1 programming (with its separate channel) and other programming (mostly music), using AVR settings and without having to play with cables each time. I guess I should contact Klipsch to confirm that would endanger the subwoofer.
I've decided I should get at least one more connector bar, if possible. I just need sources. I know that old Pioneer AVRs came with them. Names of other brands that had them, please?
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