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Thanks for the links. One last question: How important is it to angle the four speakers down towards the listening area? They are only a foot or so below the ceiling. I understand it is probably better to angle them down for movies, but what about music? I listen to lots of music (mostly classical), and I want it to fill the room well. There is no "optimum seating position" for music listening. So, what are you opinions? Straight ahead, or angled down? Or does it even...
As I mentioned in my original post, they speakers do include wall mounts, but I am not able to angle them downwards. I am looking for wall mount recommendations for small speakers.
I own a pair of Polk RM8 satellites and a pair of RM7 satellites. We are almost done building a new house with in-wall speaker wiring. I need to mount the satellites, but the included L-shaped bracket does not allow angling the speaker down. The speakers will be mounted several feet above ear level. How important is it to angle the speakers down? If it's important, can you recommend a good inexpensive wall mount?
My review of the Pioneer VSX-1022-K: http://www.avsforum.com/products/pioneer-vsx-1022-k-560w-7-channel-a-v-receiver/reviews/4506
Here's my Sony BDP-S590 review: http://www.avsforum.com/products/sony-bdp-s590-3d-blu-ray-disc-player/reviews/4157
Thanks...that's very helpful. I had originally narrowed the options down to 2: the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 and the Sony BDP-S590. From what I can tell, the Sony is a better option for me. It has better DLNA support etc.
I am just getting started with home theater. Last July I bought a 5.1 surround system and an A/V receiver, and on Black Friday I got a Toshiba 40" 1080p HDTV to replace a 12-year-old 25" CRT. The last piece of the puzzle that I would like to get is a Blu-ray player to upgrade our old, cheap DVD player that occasionally locks up. I have read very good reviews of the Sony BDP-S590, but I am still slightly unsure if a Blu-ray player will be necessary. We sit as far as 10 or...
Great contest; here's hoping....!
Wow, I could use one of these to replace my old CRT TV...it's not even widescreen!
I have a pair of Aiwa SX-WND7 speakers with built-in woofers. Each speaker has two wires, one for mid-to-high frequencies, and one for low frequencies. Both frequency ranges are rated at 6 ohms. The main unit that came with these speakers finally went out, and I would like to buy a new receiver, but I would like to reuse the speakers for front L and R if possible to save money, since the speakers have great sound and still work fine. I have several questions: Most...
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