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Up until about 5 years ago one of our 2 movie threatres had the air conditioning unit in the back 2 rows. The theater closed and last year was the first time we had 3D., I will be lucky to hear it in stereo but planning on this weekend to see it. Thanks for the review,The whole idea of AI that thinks for itself is truly a Pandora's Box.
I may go once a month or more during major release times of year,especially sci fi or big screen friendly, and that is about it. Before I invested in a nice chair and a decent HT I did go more. I think the advent of Netflix et al has contributed to my stay at home viewing as much as the HT itself. As far as technology, our theatre here on Kauai barely has stereo so, yes I would like to think what I watch at home might sound as good as the movie theatre.
I've had my 2112 for about 2 years. A week ago I didn't know any better and tried plugging a thumb drive of a video in(duh) any way it didn't work i pushed some buttons on my remote and didn't get any results so just went to watching a dvd. Into the movie I noticed my display on the unit was not lit so I'm pretty sure whatever I was doing with the buttons has something to do with this problem . JDSmoothie,thanks smoothie, replied and I have done what he said and reviewed...
Hi, I',ve had my receiver for 2 years(?) or so when the other day I put thumb drive into the usb slot and nothing happened. I wasn't sure if I could just play sme video that was downlo on the drive. I had a friend over and it didn't work so we just went to play something else on the Denon. After the movie i noticed my fron display was not illuminated and thought it went dark because of some interaction with the usb port. Well I can't get any lghts on. The power switch is...
The only highlight of the Super Bowl,IMO was the Half time.
Thank you, After 45 minutes it worked. I would never have stuck with trying to get rid of the mobile device if i hadn't seen ur post.
Anyone here having itunes accessibility issues since the latest update app 1/26/14. haven't been able to use get a msvcr80.d11 can't be used . error7(windows 126) . I saw a post on apple support and took all my apple programs of. No good.
Well, can't wait to see it. Hope it makes here to Kaua'i.
You're right, there will never be the last of anything but the availability to most of the humans on this planet will, leaving it only to the richest who can afford it.
And they should be movies that can be watched instantly, not DVD's .
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