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Hello, I'm very new to AV and just bought a NIB Klipsch Reference series bookshelf speaker pair and a brand new Yamaha Aventage RXA 1030. While some stuff sounds ok, certain things sound just terrible (lotta HISS) and nothing sounds fantastic. The settings options overwhelm me and I don't know anything about proper settings for a 2-channel system with no subwoofer, but I know for $1100 it should sound better than this. Any tips for a newbie? Please be very plain when...
Just wanted to tell you guys I got everything working with a free 15 day trial of VideoRedo. It's beautiful, and yes, it does work with m2ts files without having to reencode. It's awesome. Thanks so much for all your help.
Thanks. VideoRedo seems to be my answer. I kinda mislabeled my post. I not only need a .ts editor, but I ESPECIALLY need an .m2t editor for commercials. Will VideoRedo cut the commercials in both formats, while maintaining the original format (.ts/.m2t) so the quality is not downgraded upon re-encoding? I do NOT want to re-encode for that very reason. After it's edited, can I save that new version to my hard drive like a normal file? Thanks again. So new at this stuff!
P.S. It MUST work with .m2t files. TS sniper works with .ts but not m2t. Any ideas? Thanks again. So frustrating. I've heard of tsmuxer but don't know how to use it, either.
Ok...I'm still having problems. Does anyone know how to edit commercials in TS Sniper? I can't get the parameters to move. I like TS Sniper if I can just get it to work. Of course, I'm open to any other suggestions for good, and hopefully free programs to cut commercials. I new to this and can't figure it out. Thank you
Thanks. I got it with hdtv2mpeg, but after cutting commercials, I now have three dozen small clips, not one that is merged together. Any way to fix that? Thank you.
Ok guys, I apologize if somewhere there is a duplicate thread over this, but I am new here and can't find it. I have uncompressed, 1920x1080 .ts and .m2t files that are from the 2008 Final Four from CBS and I don't know how to cut out the commercials. I find Tssniper difficult to use. Does anyone know a GOOD, easy to use, and free .ts/m2t cutter that will help me cut out the commercials, but keep everything else in original quality? I do NOT want to re-encode as this...
Got it to work!! Made ISO image and everything! Thanks for all the help. I do have one more question. Currently, I just have one game of the two on the Disc ISO. Can I add the second game in a few days when I get a hold of it to the same ISO, or do I need to redo it and do both games at the same time? Thanks again. I'm so excited to have this!!!
Ok guys I got it muxed up to 55.3% and now it has ground to a halt, although the computer is not frozen. Any ideas? Is this normal? Thank you...you have helped so much!
Ok so it seems like what happened was my original file (.ts) was converted to an identical quality file that is now readable because it is on an ISO image containing a blu ray folder. So... 1) I take that same file and run it through TsmuxeR to create chapters, correct? 2) The file parameters tell me it still has 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, and 1080i video quality. It is about 60% done now. I will let you know when TsMuxer gets done chewing on it.
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