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That is less than the prototype. When I e-mailed Frank awhile back to ask about pricing I was quoted well north of what is listed currently. Mostly because a lot of parts had to be hand made. It would appear they have the manufacturing worked out so they do more mass producing, which got the price down.
Do it, do it do it
Yea, something got copied and pasted in the raw code that shouldn't have. Fixed now.Fixed the contact link as well. Should be all set. Thanks and let me know if you find anything else.
No problem BTW, just started another sub build. Trying to keep up with you and all those PSA subs you've got
Which text are you talking about?
Whoops, fixed it.
Hi Jeff. I just added it to the website. Weight looks like approximately 55lbs each.Cheers.
Nope not yet.
I wasn't necessarily saying it would work better, in fact I'd prefer to have a vertical center as well if it were possible, just that many people over estimate the size of their listening area relative to how many degrees they actually are off axis and thereby worrying about an MTM design, when many times they aren't far enough off axis for things to get too hairy. Without taking into account what the MTM is doing wayyy off axis and how that might contribute to how the...
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