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I did, but then again I didn't run it before the upgrade because I did the firmware as soon as it was hooked up, so I have no comparison.
Hey, I was just there for the 8801. I can't help it if she crosses my sight lines
I hear that. Although if her backs turned I might sneak a peak first
Thanks. I went from a Marantz, to the Onkyo, and now back to Marantz. I highly doubt I'll be leaving again
I've had my 8801 for about a week now and I'm still adjusting a few things here and there to get it how I want it, but so far, in the little time I've spent with it, it's been terrific. Seems to be less buggy than the Onkyo 3009 I had (which wasn't too bad) and I love the clean look of the faceplate with the glowing blue circle. I'll finally have time to play with it a little more this weekend, but for what I paid (~45% off MSRP) I don't think there's anything that can...
Twas finally sold.
Also, I see that they just released the Abbado BD's, but playing Beethoven's symphonies 1-9. I'll probably be picking that up.
I'm making a processor change so in the interim I'm using an old Outlaw pre/pro, but only in stereo mode. I've been running the Phil 3's for music, movies, and TV driven by a Threshold S/300e for the past few days and will be until Monday and Tuesday. I have to say, it sounds pretty darn good. I do enjoy using a center channel to anchor the dialogue, but when using the Phils in stereo the dialogue seems to be coming from directly in the center of the TV, which is nice. ...
Looking for a Cinepro 1K2SE to match my 3K6SE.
Thanks for your input. I was definitely surprised by how good this amp is and after overcoming the odd input/output setup, it's performed flawlessly for me. Right now I'm using it to power my mains and if I hadn't gotten a really good deal on a different amp I'd be keeping it. However, if someone were to buy it, they would be getting one beast of an amplifier that performs as well as it did back in the 80's.Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: