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Excellent functional condition, good cosmetic condition Perreaux 6000B two channel amplifier. This is an absolutely tremendous amplifier made during the 80's and that remains a terrific performer. It recently underwent repair to clean up one of the channels that had become a little fuzzy and everything was checked to make sure it was performing up to spec. The Perreaux amplifiers of this era consisted of two lines, a home theater line and a pro line. This is from the pro...
Got to do an in home demo of a mid 4 figure sub that's around 5 figures as finished. Actually I still have it sitting here. Not too shabby, although not exactly a dual opposed with LMS Ultras
A slight downgrade isn't unappealing to me, but it has to be to the brand I'm looking to move back to (Marantz BTW). However, if you are able to sell your pio, I'm all ears for an offer Cheers,Alex
I don't mean to dig up an aging thread, but Cinepro is still around, but mainly sold by dealers these. These days AB Interntional has no affiliation with Cinepro, but both companies still make awesome amplifiers. I have some AB pro amps and I'd love to get a cinema series someday. AB definitely puts a ton of quality inside their amps, where it counts.
Unfortunately nowhere near MO. I'm in NY, 12477.
Thanks, I hope so. I've got a long list of new toys that need buyin'
No problem, hopefully you enjoy them!
Yup, that's exactly the one. Much cheaper than buying all of them separately, plus the box set fixes the 2nd and 4th, which I believe there were some problems with on the individual BD's. The opening to 5 is awesome.
If anybody has the Phils with a Phil or Salk Center and a decent pair of surrounds, I highly highly recommend Abbado Conducts Mahler Symphonies 1-7 with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Extremely well recorded multi-channel BDs in DTS HD Master Audio. I've been having a blast with the box set and the Phil 3's + Salk Supercharge Songcenter + Source Technology surrounds.
New Posts  All Forums: