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Stuck--I can't thank you enough for taking the time to share your thoughts and recommendations, it's constructive, well-thought out feedback like yours that makes this forum a great place. That also goes for the majority of you all. i will keep at it and let you guys know what I think. PS I'm not running break-in slides
IN RESPONSE TO SEMP1: I posted because I was looking for help finding settings. While your conclusory statements are accurate and you surely :eek:had fun looking down your nose at me--where's the beef? How would you recommend that I, a mere novice, actually go about amending the settings to get something to "brighten" up the Katzmaier settings so many use as a benchmark (which some have stated they use in lieu of paying to calibrate their sets). By the way, the fact...
Nice to see that someone else experienced what I did. Makes me feel like there's hope for me!! I'm going to follow your advice and look for some settings that meet my preference. Glad to see that there are some people who respond to help---which is what I thought the purpose of the forum is. THANKS!!!
(When reading this please be mindful of the fact that I am not a videophile nor do I profess to have any video acumen--I'm just an average guy looking for help). I took the plunge into the HDTV world with a Sony KDL-46XBR4 about five years ago--read David Katzmaier's CNET review in '07 and found posters who agreed it was the best LCD at the time. Last year, I decided to move that set into the bedroom and to replace it. Found AVS and another "High Def forum" that...
Got me one last night. Great deal (I've been watching prices all year). No tax, free enhanced delivery (like "white glove") and 2% rewards (like an electronic gift card). Called Paul's TV to price match--they refused and gave me no reason to deny the price match other than it was below their cost (seemed to fall within their price match policy--rep was dismissive, left me with bad taste in mouth). Thank you Amazon!!!!
I've been checking prices for the 55" GT50 since it came out and the EPP has the best price that I have personally ever seen--$1358.99 (plus tax) and shipping is free. The other GTs have similar deals 50" GT50 is $1219.99 and the 65" GT 50 is $2474.99. The 50" ST50 is $899.99, the 55" is $1024.99, the 60" is $1374.99 and the 65" is $2049.99. No deals on the VT50s (at least not yet). I'm a little upset because I think the price on the 55" GT50 was under $1300...
Check out D Nice and the other ST50 reviews and then you can make an educated decision ... to buy the ST50 :-)
Please check back in with us in a couple of months to let us know how much you love it!!! PS Search the forum for info. about break-in slides. Maybe some videophiles can jump in now and explain where to find them and whether or not you should use them.
Pre-order on Panasonic.com is $2,999.99 (EPP $2,399.99) with the free FREETALKĀ® Conference HD Camera and the estimated ship date is "May-June".
I'm no videophile but I'm having trouble falling asleep tonight so I dug this up for you. It's a quote from the "King of All Videophiles", the legendary D-Nice (if there's one thing I've learned from this forum it's that D-Nice is the man!!). Well, here's one snipit from him that might help you make up your mind: D-Nice - "I just completed 5.5 hours of additional calibration time with the ST5t0 and it is truly a beast. Its colors are better than last year's VT30 (I got...
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