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I couldn't find the answer to this from the manual. Is there a way to control the volume of a Pioneer AVR from the OPPO-103 remote control? Thanks in advance.
I don't have the Oppo (yet) but I have "music only" blu-ray disc (http://www.2l.no/pages/album/090.html) where you don't need a TV to select the 2.0, 5.1 or bit rate sample to listen. You select that pressing the buttons red, green, blue or yellow. I guess can be done the same with the Oppo, right?
So, how are your connecting your "separates"? are you connecting your OPPO to the Pioneer thru HDMI (digital)? and from Pioner to the MMC-7?
Your are right, it has Analog stereo inputs, though not the analog multi-channel inputs from where I guess is you could get better sound from the Oppo with 5.1/7.1 music. Thx for your reply.
The Pioneer 1522 has no analog inputs, so how are you connecting the Oppo Analog Stereo to the 1522? Sorry if my question is dumb, still I don't have the Oppo... (yet) but I've the 1522 and Kef speakers too :-) and I'm interested in your configuration and results.
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In some other thread I read that this unit can decode SACD DSD over HDMI and USB. I tried to play a dsf file using a pen drive plugged into the USB port but it didn't recognize the file. Anybody tried this? Thanks.
I suspect the DAC on the OPPO could be better than in the Pioneer 1522k. So if I got it correctly using HDMI it will mostly depends on how good the pioneer is, but the pio 1522k has no analog inputs to try it Thanks to all for their replies on this matter.
^^^ Could you comment on the audio quality from analog outputs vs HDMI on the 103? Thanks a lot.
The difference in audio quality between analog output vs hdmi output is easy noticeable?I've a Pioneer 1522K receiver and has no analog inputs. I'm contemplating to buy the Oppo, so lurking here though scares me the number of firmware updates the player still needs.
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