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Thank you for the help Im going to give them a call right now and order this bad boy. Thanks again for all the info
Thank you guys for all your help i am going to try and get the elite but if I cant cause i get beat to it than the vt50 is the winner. thank you guys for all the input and help.
I love watching movies in the dark and hate when dark scene have blooming darks, and light bleeding. I was getting tons of that with the same Samsung led.
Mik James, billp thank you. Guys what if i threw a curve ball. there is an open box PRO-60X5FD. i can pick up for 3200. which is the same price as the vt-50. i know besides the 5 inches i will be losing how would that hold up against the panny? or is this a no brainer and i should go right now and get it before someone else does?
So the 4311. isn't that a 2010 model. I mean it came out in 2010 didnt it? it still has the same or better features then the 3312/13? i am going to have to google up this xt32 you speak of. The 4311 is still running for 1600 online. the 3312 is 750 and the 3313 is 1200. irwinroad where did you see it for 100 more bucks? for a $100 more i would spend that for the 140watt a channel vs 125. the 9.2 side of it will be a waste i wont ever use more than 7.2 i think. lol. so what...
Well the thx feature I don't think i would need. Since I will be running a receiver. No sound will be coming from the tv. Let me know if there's more to it. If on the lower end ones I am missing some calibration settings that would help in making the image quality better then i think i will go with the higher end models. any tv i go with i am going to have it calibrated. i just don't want to throw money away on buying the more expensive tv and not getting anything extra....
I think I am going to go with the 3312 as its on clearance and I don't think the 3313 has all that more for the extra money. Please correct me if im wrong and should buy the new one or something else in the price range of like 1100 1200. Thanks.
Thanks guys for all the input. If I get say the vt calibrated vs the gt calibrated will I see a difference? If not then I really like the idea about getting the cheaper model and have calibrated
Thank you for the reply I will have to check it out and see when it was manufactured. but the more i keep reading the more and more i lean towards the Denon 3313/3312 probably will go with the 3312 to save about 400ish bucks since its on clearance. going to pull the trigger on friday. so if there is any other options out there i would love to hear them. thank you guys.
I have 1 Mythos Three Center, 2 Mythos One Mains, And 2 Mythos Two Surrounds. I will be buying 2 more Mythos two to do a 7.2 setup as I already have 2 supercube III's. the question here is what receiver will/should I get to power the system to its potential. I have been looking at the denon 3313/3312 and the pioneer sc-61. I also have a chance to get an open box Onkyo TX-NR809 for 300 right now open box at best buy. I am open to suggestions. the fiances allow to to spend...
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