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Hi, I've never personally auditioned Phas technology speakers, but I've came across a deal where i can get a pair of PC9.1's, a pair of PC6.1's and a pc3.1 center channel. Also included is a Phase tech 8" active servo sub(model number unknown) i haven't went to look at them yet, but the guy tells me they are in excellent condition. i can get all of this for $800. That sounds like a great deal to me! Any thoughts? thanks for the input as I'm trying to upgrade my system on a...
I'm kind of confused on the HDMI differences. I have no idea what my collection of HDMI cables fall under. i read somewhere that in order to get Dolby TruHD, DTS-HD Master Audio i will need a certain HDMI cable. is that true? And how do i know what mine are? is there a way to tell by looking at tyem?
It's a 2 channel or Mono amp, and it states it does 100x2 into Stereo at 4 ohms (doesn't give an 8 ohm rating in stereo). it also says it does 200 bridged in an 8 ohm load. I was thinking about using this for my left right and using my marantz mono Block center. How does the jamo compare to the marantz? Any idea? Would this be an upgrade over my L/R center from my HK AVR 3600's power? the HK states it is 80 watts per channel, but I've been told seperates are better across...
Hi, I see many Sonance amps on ebay for a good bit less for amps in the same power range. i know to take power ratings with a grain of salt, but are these amps decent? Would they be an upgrade from most AVR's amplifier section like Denon, Yamaha, HK etc?
I see a Denon AVR 987 for what looks like a good price on craigslist. what would be a fair price in any of your opinions? Thx
great! I think i will keep the marantz and go with a quality two channel amp. What are most peoples opinions of adcoms for the front stage. i know they are powerful, but are they musical? Thx!
Yes, when My Crown Com tech went out, I should have bought another one! I mean that thing kicked some major butt on my sub and really hit the low notes well. The marantz ma700 that I'm using now doesn't even compare! Thinking about using the marantz as a center and adding a quality two channel amp for left and right. I plan on using my HK 3600's outputs for the 4 surrounds.
@ M Huffman... Because it can be bridged mono to a large amount of whats, and the Crown amps are known to have alot of "balls". I actually had a Com tech 210 bridged running my sub and these go on ebay for about $100 and it totally killed the Adcom i used and now the Marantz. It went out on me so I'm considering going with another Crown Com tech even though they are called "P.A amps" Have you had any experience with the Com tech line of Crown? they are older amps and are...
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