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I have been looking at some of the various green power strips out there. I'm wanting to hook my receiver into the controlling outlet and hook my 4 amps into the switching outlets since they don't have remote triggers. My questions are......Does anybody know how this will work or if it will work? Will one of these be able to handle 4 amps hooked to it? 3 of them draw about 300 watts max and the other draws about 600 watts max. Here is the link to one that i was...
Hey Just an FYI for anybody that may not be using the trigger on their HCA 2205a parasound. I have a harman kardon AVR-3600 which doesn't have a trigger output, so i contacted parasound and they recommended me getting a small power supply 9 volt and plugging it into the switched power outlet on the back of the receiver. i cut the end off and hooked it up to the parasound trigger and it works great! it comes on immediately, but it takes it a few minutes to turn off due to...
Thanks for the info, however, the amp rating isn't molded on the plug. it seems to be fine though.
I was wondering about the HK citation amps. I'm assuming because of their age, they don't have a remote trigger right?
Thanks for the info! I'm trying to figure out how to get this amp to trigger on since my HK doesn't have a 12 volt trigger output. Parasound recommended that i get a low output power supply (Cordless phone type etc) and plug it into the switched AC outlet on the back of the HK. i can just strip the end of the cord and put it on the positive and ground terminals. I'm hoping this works. it should
If you are interested, I have one Stratus Gold Speaker that i aquired from an estate sale. i don't have any use for it since there is only one. The drivers are in great shape and it sounds great when i tested it. if you did purchase the pair, maybe you could use the drivers for spares? PM me if interested.
Whats the scoop on this amp? I now have it hooked up running 5 channels on my home theater with my HK receiver running the other two channels. this thing is a beast! I have yet to clip it! I got it at an estate sale. What are anyones thoughts on this piece? Thx!
I just purchased a used parasound HCA 2205a that weighs about 95 pounds and draws alot of current. I noticed that in my opinion it has a pretty skinny power cable that looks more like something you would see on a computer. I'm not sure if it's the original cord or not, but should i look into upgrading it? i see some on ebay for around $50 that seem to be much better. I';ve also read on many forums that upgrading the power cord is a waste of time??? Any advise? Thanks!
How did you get it set to 80hz? HK informed me today via email that the only setting is 100hz??
After reading the above post, i was just wondering about this. Thanks
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