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Oh I knew the paradigms would be great! I've owned a pair of the smaller monitor 7's before. however, the Fluance hold their own very well against them for about 1/4 the price. I wouldn't hesitate to buy Fluance again in the future. For now though, i will enjoy these Monitor 11's! :-)
Going to see them for the 12th time July 31st in birmingham! wanna go??? KISS that is
LOL, trust me.... i got that part LOL thax for the advise.
I always have recorded HD Video hour on Palladia which comes on early in the morning. In the recent past everything was in Dolby Digital, but now I'm getting it in Pro Logic only because it's sending out a 2.0 signal. Has anyone else had this problem? My receiver says it's getting a Dolby Digital signal, but only a few of the videos make the receiver (HK AVR 3600) switch to Dolby Digital mode. I could swear that they were all in Dolby Digital a few months ago?? I'm having...
I have an AVR 3600. Is the only sub crossover setting the automatic 100hz setting? If so, and I want to set it at 80 via my subwoof crossover, what effect will that have on the crossover slope? Should i just leave it alone and set my sub crossover to bypass? I like 80 better because 100 hz can be slightly boomy.
KISS is one of the Most influential bands of all time. Paul Stanley is one of the best frontmen of all time!
I'm sure this may have been talked about already on here, but i couldn't find it. I just received this today(Blu Ray), and Gave it a listen. To me it sounds pretty good, but there is hardly any Bass to speak of, and it's just not presice bass....Kinda flat sounding. I also had to crank the level on the sub way up compared to most everything else i have, . Has anybody else experienced this? I mean it doesn't sound bad, but it is lacking in my opinion.
Yeah, I was talking about the Box. I am very familiar with the HK's. I've owned about 5 of them, and I love the way they sound.
What kind of an amp is that?
No, i am using the two Norh Leamp 2's for left and right. (200 watts per channel) and the marantz MA-700 200 watts per channel i believe) for the center. i'm using the M-80's 4 surround amps for the surrounds. the M80 is well capable of driving the system, and it sounds great! I just thought since I have these other amps, i might as well use them. BTW, I may be selling the M-80 that i've only had for a short time. the only reason is that I'm an HK nut, and i sent back two...
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