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Wow yeah, i really like the cherry color too, that'd look sick in my room, only problem is i'd be afraid i'd never return them :P hahah ill have to check those out thanks man!
Depending on how.much you want to spend id personally go with the audio engine a5+. They big speakers but if u want a party without spending over a grand these would do the job just fine and they're powered so you don't need a reciever
Well i would only use the 5.1 when i was watching movies and such. I have heard the different stocks of the B&W's (which sound awesome) but i cant afford them. Even going with their CM5's just for the pair i think i'm hitting 1500$, and i still want a center, which is way over my budget. And they don't demo on ipods, they actually have receivers especially in the Magnolia section, he even let me pick out a cd based on the music i like. The closest store i think is about 45...
Sweet thanks man i got a lot of research to do . Bedroom is ALWAYS the best place
Hahaha I just meant anything good you know of :P
Thanks guys I appreciate it!
Yeah those look sick any other ones you know off the top of my head I can research?
Yes if possible. Even if its two towers/bookshelves and then ill do the rears later that would be fine. I just want awesome sound :P
Hey guys, I know that A LOT of people asked questions on bedroom speakers but my situation is a little different. Ive only really been exposed to the speakers at a Magnolia/best buy (heard the b&w cm9s but way out of my price range) so I'm not really sure what would fit my bill. I'm probably about a 80% music guy and 20% movies. Currently I have audio-engine a5+ and love them but I really want rears (I can move them somewhere else and put a new system in). I have a small...
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