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i see now. the mitsu has a motorized filter that slides in place for the "cinema color". it is most likely a double notch filter that cuts out some spectrum defining RGB color space a little more tightly. in theory this may match 3DLP spectrum a little closer but no filter can add to spectrum, only remove some spectrum to re-define the color output. ive made this type of filter and in fact our company owns the patent on this kind of filter to define RGB color for cameras....
any LCoS should perform better with the new version. im still testing and waiting on some feedback from LCoS and 3DLP end users. i hope in a couple of months to be able to offer it. im not sure what is meant by "The Cinema Filter increases the purity of colours(particularly green and cyan) by expanding the colour spectrum levels." where is this from ? the output of a given projector or light engine is what it is. one can only filter or attenuate parts of the spectrum to...
ive seen this method but it has its flaws compared to a blue laser with a phosphor. metameric issues where color perception varies significantly between viewers due to the line nature of a laser source and dolby suffers from drastic color difference between eye. some complain about the color difference with our 3d chromatic system that splits the visible spectrum as finely as possible with nearly matching gamut between eyes especially with xenon source. the dolby ...
i think the laser excited phosphore light source is the best idea as it makes a full spectrum and can emulate a xenon source. and it lasts a long time in theory.
sounds interesting. ive set up large live 3d before using a dual video camera rig for capture and dual projection for display. VR systems are cool
you are right , one should not need 3dvision or any other hardware. have you looked at tridef ? the ignition driver is a very good interface for a pc based game to put out stereo 3d. no extra hardware needed other than a decent graphics card and a 3d display.... some programs or games may need the interface software to be stereo 3d others would not.. what are you planning on doing. and yes 120" passive stereo 3d with dual projectros is awsome gaming. no flicker no strain...
there are some external video processors that can handle a lot of different 3d in and out formats using DVI-D , HDMI and Display port. and at 60 to 120 hz for gamers. i have a couple of these for stereo 3d gaming.. im using projectors though as i want 120"+ stereo 3d
i would have to ask the owner of omega that. not sure. i do have test optics now that are working as expected. im working on setting up LCoS testing and the new sony laser projector ( its actually one laser and a phosphore disk )
no you dont need a demultiplexer to split a video to two projectors, you can use a PC with a dual output video card and a program like stereoscopic player. but you will need two projectors and the projector filters along with the glasses.
?? are you looking for a 501 geobox ? i still have one on hand
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