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Fios average of 25 but fluctuates, to the point where streaming HD Netflix has issues.
Anchorman 2 I went into watching this BD with low expectations as far as PQ goes. I was pleasantly surprised by how good in looks. Most shots exhibited razor sharp clarity. Some close ups were particularly impressive with facial details and texture as good as I can remember seeing. There was a bit of inconsistency though. A few shots looked a bit soft. I think it was a camera focal issue more than anything else. Contrast was very strong and gave great depth to the image....
Yeah 1080p Netflix streams are far from incredible. I would say barely worth paying for the service. In fact I canceled my subscription. I do Redbox BD now.
Yeah, grab a decent receiver and a few Definitive Technology speakers and enjoy the show! I don't go to the theater anymore.
Too bad because otherwise this film honestly has some of the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen. I can definitely still appreciate it, but it's just that if the technical aspects were on par with the artistic, it could have been a true gem.
Just watched. I love Wong Kar Wai. I agree with much of what you said but to be honest, for the most part, the PQ didn't distract me other than one thing...Did you find that the shadow details were often crushed in the darker scenes? Much of the details in the dark areas were lost or nonexistent. No matter what adjustments I made to my display it was the case.
Oh yeah, Panasonic has thrown in the towel as far as TV'S go. Particularly in regards to plasma's, they certainly aren't going to help anyone unless your TV is absolutely broken.
So for anyone else with the banding issue, don't expect to get any help from Panasonic. They fed me the "your TV is performing to specs" BS line. I spent 10 minutes on the phone yesterday bitching out a CS supervisor. Told her she just lost a customer and hung up. Just plain aweful customer service.
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