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Its common. I see line bleed with graphics and even font often.
Should have grabbed an ST60
Ok so it just hit me to check my PS3 settings. Bluray/dvd playback was set to Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr. I switched it to RGB and problem solved. Is RGB the typical setting? There is also an Automatic option...?
I'm posting this again. Just happened while watching Smurfs 2, which btw has amazing PQ. I have updated firmware and have checked all settings I can think of.Does anyone else have this issue ever?
The E300 is available for $160 less than the X1000. Say I am not interested in multi zone function, is the X1000 worth the price premium for an extra 5 watts/channel and the MultEQ XT? Is the sound processing better on the X series? Opinions...?
Hmmm...I just updated firmware myself. I had to because a few Apps weren't loading without doing it. I Haven't been looking for it but I haven't noticed any audio lag issues. I am running everything through a 1713 Denon AVR so maybe it is correcting any lag? I'm gonna check for it when I get home.As far as IR goes, my panel was gotten worse and worse as it ages. It gets IR so easily (sometimes after just a few seconds) but luckily for me it goes away very quickly as well.
The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street bluray is a great presentation and its also a great movie. Detail, clarity and depth were excellent but not quite as good as some other top end blurays. Black levels and shadow detail were spot on. Overall it was a clean transfer free of any artifacts. I would not say it was "pristine" because I saw grain on some scenes. Colors really popped but this leads me to my only real complaint, flesh tones. They seemed unnatural and...
If you liked it that much In 2D, just wait til you see it in 3D! Talk about realism!
I agree completely. I watched Gravity in 3D on my ST60 first and it blew me away. I then went back to watch it in 2D a day later and I had to shut it off within 20 mins. Just not the same.Many will Say 3D is dead but when done right I love it. Also, glasses free 3D technology is already being applied to tvs and should be widely available in the not too distant future.
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