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Just put together a def tech system for my buddy. The reciever is an open box Pioneer Elite VSX-43. The calibration mic is missing. Can we use the mic that came with my Denon 1713 to do the calibration? Will this not be ideal because the mics are designed specifically for each make/model?
Just picked up a Pioneer Elite VSX-43 reciever. It was an open box and was supposed to be complete but it is missing the MCACC mic. I'm not sure if Best Buy will have one in store they can give me at this point. I have a mic from my Denon 1713 that I could use to calibrate the MCACC but is that a bad idea? Are the mics specifically designed to be used with the brand? How about another Pioneer mic from a different model? Any advice on this would be great.
Thanks for the response Joe. Looks like we will have to experiment a bit.
Is enclosing a sub inside of an entertainment center cabinet a no go? I am assuming it is a bad idea but my friend has no space to place the sub up front unless it is placed inside the cabinet.
Just because content is technically presented in 4K or UHD doesn't necesarily mean it will look good. If it is on disc it will, but we still can't even get 1080p streamed or broadcast right!!!!! Maybe bandwidth WILL eventually catch up but it goes way beyond that issue.I personally am not very excited to upgrade to "4K" (or really I should say UHD) any time soon. Let me know when I can get an 80" OLED UHD panel for around $3K and there is plenty of GOOD content readily...
I don't think you can go wrong either way but if size and budget are of no concern go with the 1000's!Here is what I did. I started out with PM800's and a PC1000 up front (no rears). I then found a great deal on open box PM1000's ($100 each!) And so I moved the 800's to the rears and use the 1000's for the fronts. The PM1000's are a definite upgrade over the 800's and they match the PC1000 just fine, but if you plan on getting the PM1000's try to match with the...
In what ways does the upgrade improve 3D? Does it take care of the motion issues?
I know this is another stupid question but if he is a bit affraid of plasma are there any LED's in that price range that are even worth looking at? I am guessing I just need to convince him there is nuthing to be scared of?
Ha seriously! Yeah I can't let him scrimp on it. This TV is a no brainer! I almost immedietly realized how silly my post was right after I sent it! I will convince him to get the ST60. That's what credit cards are for right!?
Anyone here have any first hand experience and opinion on how the S60 compares to the ST60 purely in terms of picture quality? My buddy is looking to get a new 60" TV and loves my ST60 but only has a budget of $1200. I told him it is well worth spending the extra $300 on the ST60 over an LED or even the S60. Then I noticed a 60" S60 can be had for around $1000. He doesn't care about 3D and has a room that he can make pretty dark, so the lack of a filter on the S60 might...
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