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Oh man, I might have to buy Smurfs 2!? At least my kids might like it too.
Watching Monster's University again with my son. Even from a distance of just a few feet away from my 60" ST60, (with the Darbee cranked up to 70%) it looks perfect!
Another tier 0 vote for FROZEN. I would say right behind PLANES. It looked great and I actually enjoyed the animation more than some others ranked above it, but it didn't quite have the same pin point clarity of some other animated blurays of late. It may have more to do with the stylistic quality of the animation but it also didn't have that amazing tactile quality of some others (UP comes to mind). The movie itself and sound is fantastic.
I agree. Flat finish is always better than glossy, but generally speaking IMO this tv is not the aesthetic nightmare many make it out to be.
WHAT A JOKE! just because the "curve" and arches have been used beautifully in art and architecture throughout history has nothing to do with TV viewing! Are people really buying these things? I don't get it, it took years to develop a flat screen, now we are going back to a curved one? It really ticks me off that the average consumer has their head up their a*s, and because of it we get useless (and in this case damaging) gimmicks instead of picture quality. Plasma is...
I am not a complete and total noob, just not technically proficient. I am aware that black levels vary from source to source. Color is not the problem. All enhancements are OFF and I use custom/cinema. My brightness is set just fine. I notice the blacklevel in this movie is not good but this is different, the black bars them self are literally glowing medium gray. It's strange because it's only happened a few times but when it does its like night and day difference from...
Hmmm...I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because I think this set is very attractive while off, whereas the older Panasonic plasma's are butt ugly!In fact those old chunky designs may have prevented me from considering buying one. I now realize that was a mistake and I don't really care what it looks like while off. It's the PQ that matters most. And I don't find the bezel distracting while viewing either.
I will check the content type. Firmware is updated.
Ok this is about the 4th or 5th time this has happened and I don't know what causes it... Put in Captain Phillips bluray (rental version) and the black levels are all blown out. Way to bright. The black bars are gray. I adjusted the black level to dark and then tweaked the brightness to get it looking ok but not sure why this happens with this tv when it never happened with my GT50...? this has happened with other movies as well. Anyone else have this happen or know what...
What are you people using to measure the frequency response? Are there any free or cheap and user friendly for beginners versions?
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