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Just watched Gravity on 3D bluray. 120hz. With motion smoother on mid. Surprisingly the SOE was tolerable but I think it was only because they were floating in space the whole time. Overall looked great. Did notice brightness fluctuating a bit during dark scenes...??? As far as the movie...I liked it and definitely the best use of 3D I have seen yet. Some truly impressive scenes.
S & V settings use 120hz for 3D.Yeah it's strange but if I switch back and forth between standard and Nonstandard with their cal settings it doesn't seem to affect the picture at all anyways...?
What's the general concensus for best 3D refresh rate 96, 100 or 120? Also I have been using Sound and Vision settings lately and like them but they recommend Nonstandard for Hdmi range. I thought typically Standard was the proper setting?
Used 60" ST60'S are actually being sold by "companies" on Amazon for $3000! Come on
Wait are you saying these little speakers hold there own up against a $4000 pair of speakers?!
Yes I was looking at the PB1000 but it is a little to big. How does the golden ear 8" sub compare?
I have a Def Tech PM1000 bookshelf setup with a PS800 sub. I am thinking about upgrading my sub and have heard good things about Golden ear. My budget is $500. And I have a space restriction of 12" wide. Are there any Golden ear subs that would fit my needs and blend well with my Def Techs? Also, I couldn't find anywhere to purchase these speakers...?
I have my PM1000's paired with a PC1000 and as of now I don't feel the need to upgrade to to the PC2000. I feel they match just fine and the PC1000 provides plenty of sound in my setup. It may be a case of i don't know what I'm missing, but I think you will be happy with that setup, particularly since it's for a computer setup.
I'm not sure, but my guess is what he is talking about has less to do with overall light output than it does the level of shadow detail/gamma. Personally i think this set has good to very good shadow detail but not great. Now my GT50 from last year had great shadow detail. Mind you the ST60 overall has better PQ because of its better blacklevels, color, and video processing. So it's worth the trade off in my mind. For this reason I keep going back to gamma at 2.2 on my 60"...
No worries. If you haven't already done so, wait until you try the Dynamic EQ with music. I think you will be more than impressed.Park yourself about 6 to 8 feet away from the center of your PM1000's (forming a triangle between you and the speakers. Toe them in slightly so they are pointing at your nose. Run them in 2 ch. stereo. Throw on some of your favorite albums and sit back and enjoy the ride!One of my favorite new pastimes. Man we are such nerds! Haha
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