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Agreed. Oblivion is the best I have ever seen. Absolutely pristine!
Ha! Yeah I know what you mean. I think purists might have something against stuff like this but if it sounds good I say go with it. There is no denying that Dynamic EQ sound!
They really are great. I swear by Denon. My friend has the same setup as me (that i helped him pick out), except with a Pioneer elite amp that is actually a higher end model than my Denon, but I wouldn't trade with him for anything!I find Denon has a very focused and unique midrange sound that really helps these high detail speakers shine.I just can't bring myself to turn on Dyn. Volume for blurays, but I do find myself adjusting volume from time to time, so maybe I should...
I have the my DT's running off a Denon 1713, which I believe the X2000 replaced. I found the Audyssey calibration was a decent tool to use a a starting point. I then tweaked settings to my liking from there. One thing I really like about these Denon amps is the Dynamic EQ option. It really brings the music to life!I personally always prefer music in stereo. I find DD for cable tv just fine but this is the one area i use the Dynamic Volume option (on low). It helps balance...
Interesting. I too notice every once in a while that some of the mid lows don't have the same UMMMPHHH that the sub lows have. Maybe I should experiment with even higher crossovers.
Lucky you! My panel gets IR like you wouldn't believe but the good thing is that it is always short term IR and goes away very quickly.
Does anyone else here prefer setting the crossover for their PM1000's at 90hz. rather than the seemingly typical 80hz? I have found 90hz more to my liking while listening to music in stereo.
I would have to say that Def Tech got it right! If called upon, the PM800/1000's can put out a surprising amount of bass for such small bookshelf speakers.
Thanks for this all this useful info. I am not all that interested in shaking the shared walls in my 12x12 room of my townhouse any more than they already do with my ps800. Particularly with movies, I am satisfied with the bass and sound. Even the pc1000 sounds great to me.I agree the speakers really shine from 6 to 8 feet away. That is my regular listening spot for music and my pm1000's in stereo always amaze me!The only reason I thought about getting a new sub is the...
Thanks to all that have responded. I am happy with what I have for now and will look to up upgrade down the road. Hopefully then I can find someone to buy my pc1000 and ps800 to help fund a SVS sub and pc2000.
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