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Also he is using a component cable. HDMI will make a huge difference
Just thought I would stop by and say... THESE SPEAKERS ARE AWESOME!
Troubleshooting a few things like inputs and cables (most of which I have already done) but short of that the tech seems to think the banding may be a bad A drive. He said the band's don't show up at all on service menu "slides" so it can't be the panel. Not sure...? but seems as if I will know fairly soon.
Wow, what you describe is almost exactly the same as mine with the exception that the left band on mine is a lighter shade. This tells me that it is related to some kind of manufacturing flaw. Which means Panasonic is already aware of the issue. I am negatively speculating here and i hope i am wrong, but something tells me they will probably try to deny a repair/replace.Have you contacted them to try and resolve the issue? If not do you plan to?
Do Redmere cables support ARC?
Yes that band seems to be fairly common. I was prepared to live with it until a lighter band started showing up next to it.
yup I recommend the Monoprice Redmere line as well. Since I use a receiver I use just one from the receiver "out" to the TV. The thin lightweight design helps with the awkward position of the ST60 HDMI port.
If it's not able to be repaired and they issue refund that could be either good or bad depending on what kind of leftover 60" (ST60 or above) Panny plasmas are available. I won't go LED or Samsung and also can't pay alot more for the higher end models.Aren't the 60" ST60'S all gone?My cousin just snagged a 60" ZT60 for 2K from BB but not sure how long those deals will be around not to mention that is still $500 more than what I paid for my 60ST60.Hmmm.. Will have to see...
I am all set with anything that makes movement look unnatural. SOE? No way! I rather keep the judder
I will request a new model. But even if it's a Referb. If it's not perfect I won't accept it.
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