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Nvidia 3DTV Play only supports frame packing @ 720p60 / 1080p24, it doesn't support gaming in SBS or Top/Bottom. 3D Vision only supports 1080p60 PC games in 3 modes that I know of: 3D Vision Monitors that use Nvidia Active Shutter glasses with 1080p120 frame sequential output over DVI (not enough bandwidth to support this over HDMI). 3D Vision passive monitors that have paid licenses for Nvidia support (Zalman / Acer) with 1080p60 field sequential (interleaved) output...
We still have no answers on making 3D Vision work with the Geoboxes?
BenQ D3 backorder is really sucking right now, I ordered some on 02/01 and they still haven't shipped (estimate was 7-14 days, which gives them 2 more days before I start getting really irritated), if they aren't any better than the 3dtv corp ones I'll be pissed I waited so long for these.
Get a good Nvidia card if you want to play PC games in 3D, not a cheap model. You need a higher end card, because you're basically rendering 2x the images and it takes more ram and GPU power to do that at a decent framerate. I'm using a GTX 570 HD card. The projector is officially supported by 3DTV Play (you have to pay for a license, but you can get a trial for 15 days). It's way better than using the alternatives such as Tridef (which also cost $$) in terms of...
fyi, I tested 3dtv corp glasses tonight, worked great, no issues, blocked red flashes, kept sync, I could see a bit of flicker, but I was very happy watching Hugo, Prometheus and playing dead space 2 with helix mod.... was in rear projection also.
3dtv corp glasses came today, I could see a bit of flicker in the corners but the picture looked sexy watching Hugo and Prometheus, I also fired up Assassins Creed and Dead Space 2 over 3dtv play, very happy, worked fine with rear projection. I should have D3 to compare soon ...I will try the SBS 1080i60 again with them tomorrow, had plans tonight... saw almost no crosstalk, which made me happy
motorman45, can you attempt the EDID spoof on a PC with an NVidia card and try to enable 3D Vision? One of the INF files for an Active 3D monitor should work: http://3dvision-blog.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2025 You may also need to have a 3D Vision emitter or emitter emulator running to get it to work, because to get 120hz we have to spoof a monitor that uses Nvidia glasses also. We can't use 3DTV Play, the HDMI solution is locked at 1080p24 as the highest output.
Reason I ask is players like stereoscopic / nvidia 3d vision player will input sbs and output frame packed over hdmi (but at 24fps). I switched advanced monitor settings to 1920x1080 30hz interlaced (1080i60 shows on the PJ) and I was able to engage 3D in SBS mode, no glasses as I mentioned but I could see both images overlaid with the red DLP Link flashes, I can check again by Friday when I get the glasses if you like, but I'm sure it will work.
acidman, what do you want them played on? a pc or bluray player, if PC what software / video card? I don't have any glasses yet, my D3 are backordered but I should have a working pair by friday.
Oh, I just got a BenQ w1070 and it has a small vertical lens shift capability (there is a little screw hidden under a panel on the top of the PJ). Darkchip3 DLP that is bright and looks great for its low cost. I bet it's the perfect PJ to stack up for passive projection.
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