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That is a thought. I'm trying to keep expenses down right now, though. Maybe I will just wait. Right now I'm pushing DDL from a sound card through optical to a Sony STR-DH500. Don't make that face. It was a dirt cheap way to drive my equally crappy Russian no-name surround speakers (which actually don't suck) and my home-brew 15" MOSFET-driven subwoofer (which is walking the knickknacks off the mantel). I finally got the graphics where they should be, and all that's left...
Ah. So I didn't know what you were talking about. I'll read up on it.
Seven hundred, actually. I can't believe the sound would be very different from a $2,000 AVR. Are you saying it would? Vanishing harmonic distortion, full frequency range, and enough power to fill a 10 X 10 room seem to be standard across the board.
Yeah, I noticed that. I was kind of looking forward to breaking out the old tape measure and doing the math. I do like the auto-setup. My HT Sony upstairs has it.
That is very cheap. Thank you very much.
I hope you all can recommend a cheap AVR that will let me connect my GTX 590 through HDMI for 5.1 sound. It's just for my little computer room, and that's all I want it to do. I wish they made an amp that would do just that one thing so I wouldn't have to pay for all the bells and whistles of a full-blown receiver. Thanks.
Wow. I understood that. I always take that as a sign that the other guy knows what he's talking about. So, the 590 never even sees the lossless Blu-ray formats---the player falls back on the default digital formats on the disc when negotiations fail, just as it would with a receiver that didn't have the requisite decoder. That completes the picture I was looking for. Thanks a million.
I have been looking on the Internet for a receiver that will decode an HDMI input from my PC's GTX 590 graphics card and send it to my 5.1 speakers. I presently have an older Sony that doesn't see the audio in an HDMI signal, so I've been feeding it optical from a sound card. Very many of the receivers I'm finding on the Internet are like mine---they pass the audio through instead of doing what any reasonable person would reasonably expect of a receiver, which is to...
Cool. If I could pick one more region of your brain, do you happen to know what a 590 does when it gets DTSHDMA and DTHD?
I like what the Jedi said, even though he misquoted EVGA inasmuch as they only said audio, not what kind. And reference design isn't implementation. I'm still leery. I've been burned by marketers too many times. I do think you must be right, though, about the game PCM.
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