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Hey zoyd I'm a hesitant too do this adjustment,but on yours is the scrolling screen wash the exact same grayscale colortone as regular tv? I've read some adjustment patterns built into the tv can be a different colortone as regular tv.
What was the original voltage before you made adjustment?
That's a pain,but thanks for the update.Now I'm really thinking twice about doing this.
On mine there's 2 issues -pink discoloring which may show up in various ways banding,discoloring anywhere etc..There's also the purple dirty screen too that mostly only shows on hockey/winter sports which is more noticable when the camera moves from side too side.
In black room ,color at zero "all the varying white/abl levels" should look some combination of ,or in between "green and magenta"(not red,not dull gray,not blue,not yellow).This is the most important thing as most shows are affected here..You should not see any other colors(only maybe green or magenta)as much as the tv allows(my tv goes a bit pink/magenta on full screen white,but it's better not too have ANY magenta/pink).Most of this is done by adjusting the gains(mostly...
Is it best too adjust tint when abl is high,medium or low? Abl makes things magenta/red on mine.
There is a professional calibrator named Doug that recommends setting cell light at highest setting and never changing it.And too use the contrast too set the light level.On my e450 it looks really dim on some stuff if I lower cell light.Im sorta guessing,but if the 8500 has a good light filter too preserve black levels on it,then the high contrast(more minus gamma setting) look probably works better on that tv.
Subcontrast on mine is in the white balance menu.It looks like dynamic mode when in SM...I think the only way you could possibly get rid of discoloring is turning voltage up which probably shortens lifespan of panel.I see all sorts of discoloring on mine when it's B&W,but never notice it when the color is on.The is discoloring seems like it will always be there on Some stuff.
Cell light dims already low picture level(bias wb) stuff.
Common/normal problem when camera pans side too side and up and down.Fortunately it doesn't happen too often.
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