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I don't remember a hdmi 1 or 2 in mine.Ive read people destroying there tv clicking on one wrong thing in SM.There's nothing in there that will improve picture quality.
Anyone going in service menu could easily destroy there tv Sub brightness did not hardly do anything on mine.Dithering in the black screens is normal on plasma,but not dithering going upwards.
If using warm2 and watching with color control at zero and watching hockey.curling,winterolympics and it looks too red,then warm1 probably works better.Before I started fiddling with tv I think the warm1 was a little bit too blue ,but may work if you lower blue gain 1 or 2.I usually adjust the bias the same amount as I did for gains..For bias it needs too look the same color temperature as the various whites..It works best too adjust bias on a lower picture level screen...
For plasma hockey curling,winterolympics,skiing.Anything with bright outdoor nature(high abl) screens.
I went into service menu so I'm worried If I'm still covered....The pink red REALLY degrades the picture quality if its happening.
I have have a Sam pne450.I really don't want too take the back off or use multimeter worrying about shorting something out or getting a shock.And how accurate is a $20 multimeter..I still have a long term warranty.I've reduced a lot of pink/red discoloring on all white screens with WhBal,but I've had too adjust the gains quite a bit.I think the pink discoloring has been there the whole time on warm2.I noticed even when reducing cell light that it still red.I guess its if...
I think of auto as the more stable setting.Native looks way better on some stuff but too inconsistent on mine.A cooler color tone setting may work better with native.
white balance or voltage(vs) with pink discoloring on white screens.How does a person know whether its the white balance or voltage(vs) that needs adjusting?
Chupra- I have last yrs budget e450 and I have had it on 18-24 hrs a day everyday and it took about 12-14 months when I started noticing overall increased pink coloring and a small purple band(in middle of screen.its not too bad)basically only on white screens like hockey.It does seem like the colors have drifted.A lot of people say it can be corrected/reduced by adjusting the voltage by removing the back of tv.I have not done this.Ive been able too reduce most of this...
George Costanza - make sure hdmi black level setting is on the right one(the darker one),or make sure cable box is sending ycc444.
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