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if I had more money,tv with10pt and cms then I'd check into getting one.
I'm back at -1......-2 would be good In a dark room but I have some lights on.and some shows are way too dim on-2... I haven't decided if the pastel soft color look is better or the high contrast pop.Right now Im leaning too the softer look,maybe because it's more stable gamma /luminance,and It does work better in a bright room for SOME stuff.
Quite the setup.All you need is pizza and beer.
Mine at + 1 would look really washed out in high abl shows.Reduced from -1 to -2 after I made whbal more green.I think gamma and luminance is more stable however it's dimmer and pastel color like.Really have too know how the controls interact with each other on plasmas.End up crazy after fiddling with it.
Right now I'm using -2.Just wondering why I never hear anyone use this.Most calibrators use 0, and sometimes -1. The blue is always too high in the brightest areas on my tv which is one of the reasons I've had difficult time getting things right on this tv, and i also have the pinking white screen thing too.Does anyone use -2?
Dyn contrast on mine may work better if the white balance/and other settings produce washed out image.Might work better on colortemp that are leaning yellow green.the pros rarely use it.Lowering gamma setting helps with washout ,and probably better option,but can make darkscreens dim.raising brightness slightly helps. There's also luminance issues with using it,as it makes bright areas shiny bright.
1080tv will look better for HD and 720tv looks better for SD from everything I've read.The SD quality is different on different programs.HD is more consistent.Compression is always different for different programs, and compression can make some SD stuff look pretty rough when sitting close. Depends what percent of the time you watch HD and SD for choosing a tv.The further you sit back the less the resolution matters.From 12 ft back I can hardly tell any difference between...
KOF- which lg 720 tv are you referring too? I had lg a 42 lgpa4500 tv for cable tv and I liked its image and adjustability,except it had noticable green and purple blobs that caused me too return it.People looked older on it.Im not sure if its because it had quite a sharp detailed picture.The budget Samsung looks softer and smoother.But it may partly be a noise reduction thing.If I remember correct the abl may be more saggressive on this Samsung.So the gamma may of been...
I've read a lot of people on HDTV forums DONT like it.Probably why people like plasmas even with the abl.
The overall soft picture/gamma may work better(more consistent) on this tv as there's nothing I can do about the washed out picture/ gamma at high abl...budget samsung((no 10pt or cms).Whatever a persons preference is.Athough it missing some pop.
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