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Thought I read that some Panasonics might be brighter and better for hockey.I've got the e450.It could be brighter but it's good enough.
I've found turning up red balances things a bit but harms colors some.When I adjusted colors for a higher than 6500 k number I would get greens in the dark parts of screen on some shows.
Chad thanks for the tip about the e series and different window sizes issues( I wondered what size window to use).im Fortunate too see it as I don't look in the calibrating section often.That one tip will save me one heck of a lot of time and headaches.On certain middle to bright scenes with bright patches on it I'm getting all sorts of overbright brights in the bright patches and colors not right in the patches.I have a soft bright picture settings to avoid black...
Maybe try turning box off and pushing menu button on remote for box and see if you can find a way to change resolution from 720,1080,480 too Native setting( i think some boxes dont have a native setting though)it would help if it does.Turn sharpness down .Maybe turn noise filter on low or auto.i think Your going too see at least some Small jaggies on some standard def programs because the 480 resolution is different from 768 tv.
To the op what are your settings on cable box and tv?
Agree with you Ian, the native setting setting on cable box is better.Not sure if using ycc4:4:4 is better than rgb but maybe. Lowering sharpness to 10-20 and having noise filter on auto may help.Sharpness about 30-40 and noise filter on auto setting I use on mine.51 samsunge450. My standard def has some problems with Jaggie's but I've calibrated it and it's a touch better.Each individual shows look different and it seems some channels are better than others(not sure...
And the winner is...
Calibeye I got that from someone qualified in the Samsung d7000 thread. Don't change wb numbers in service mode unless you are planning on doing a full calibration. You will screw all the colors up if you change the numbers,and if you ever do go in there make sure you write all the settings down as they may reset like on mine.
I've given up calibrating by eye after many years..i thought I could get it better like skin tones but its absolutely impossible to get everything right. My best way is using and comparing tv to ipad1 which is around 7000 k I believe.Just did it and it looks very good.my procedure is in the Samsung e450 thread.If your bored I'd be interested to see what you think,and Could you tell me if I'm doing something Obviously wrong. Thanks,enjoyed reading this thread and picked...
New Posts  All Forums: