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I'm not referring too floating black level.That is different.If I have a screen with bars on it I can see the dithering levels slightly changing with content.Regular tv watching I don't think I've ever noticed floating blacks on anything.Have noticed the floating whites but it's minor and not an issue with me and I know you can't do anything much too fix it.And I watch a lot of hockey too where it shows and have really looked for it.You can lower some problems by sitting...
People sure get in a huff on here.I'm just wanting too discuss picture quality issues.id rather talk with people that know something about picture quality and I don't get responses in the plasma forum often.Where am I suppose too discuss it?
Xxvx-Not saying your wrong but if your watching a lot of cable tv the black levels can vary from program too program.Some programs are more dynamic looking than others.
From fiddling around with it for hours,days,years..I can find errors if I watch it long enough..ive seen the iPad air and iPad 1 or 2.So I seen some of the differences.I set the black level by putting on an all black screen(digital music channel) and turn up brightness so the tv gets a bit brighter than the room lighting reflection off screen,then lower it so it's at the same level.Its about 6-8 above where dithering starts on mine.Lowering it just dims the screen which is...
I have ZERO issues with black level on my budget plasma..Maybe I was fortunate.At least so far it's good.Light in the room ruins any black levels anyway.First observation when I got tv was the black levels looked a bit crushed.Both your tvs are new and plasmas do change at least in some ways as they age....White balance is the 'big thing' on plasmas(gains).
Ive read bands/ blobs may be a voltage issue.one repair ive read is they raise voltage slightly or get a new screen panel.Mine has develpoed color bands on light screens, but not quite as bad as yours. Mine is purple blue....Not the solution but you could try adjusting contrast,darkening gamma,"put on screen where it's happening "and adjust white balance(color control at zero) that amplifiies it and reduces it so you can see the affects.Then adjust white balance so it...
I've never noticed it much on the samsung51pne450.I think I've seen it slightly but I try not too look for it.Its not much if it's there.Hopefully it does not become an issue here.I usually sit around 15 ft back.
That's interesting.mine is always reddish.i was always under the impression that abl only affects a small percentage of screens but it's the opposite on this tv.there is only a few screens that it does not have a significant effect..probably the budget model tv thing .
Reboot screen I added more
I'm scared of checking voltage as I read you can get an intense shock. Plazmapz What's the color temperature of a full white screen on yours? I could be wrong but it seems I may have noticed a color temperature change after about a year into it with the tv on everyday for basically all day long.seems like I started getting a magenta push. My dithering starts around 45 but that's too dark for a lighted room.I'm always somewhere between 48-54.
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